Grandma's One-of-a-Kind Doll Dresses

200 Photos of Doll Dresses: Photos of Hand Made Doll Dresses for Sewing

Available at Amazon, the author Terry Charlton's new book:

This 32-page picture book will inspire you to put together your own doll outfits designed for an 18 inch doll.  Most outfits are created as 'one-piece' making them safe and easy to use for even a young child.

This book will inspire you to try your hand at sewing these simple doll dresses, pajamas and play outfits for your daughter's cherished dolls.

"Grandma" wishes you years of happy doll dress sewing!

Doll dress with pink, green and white stripes        Doll dress, pink and white gown     Doll dress, red, blue, green stars

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- Terry Charlton - a/k/a "Grandma"

Grandma in her sewing room

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